Players report GTA V update erases game save

Lewis Leong


Rockstar just can’t catch a break today. After facing overcapacity on its servers from excited gamers looking to play Grand Theft Auto Online, there are now reports from players that the update required to play GTA Online erases single-player game saves.

Players on NeoGAF and Rockstar’s support site are reporting a myriad of bugs in the game after updating Grand Theft Auto V, an update that is required in order to play GTA Online. The list of bugs include missing weapons, inability to create a character, and even the inability to progress in the single-player story. Other users are reporting more severe bugs like erased game saves and the inability to play the single-player campaign at all.

Players report GTA V update erases game save


Rockstar is aware of players’ trouble getting online due to the lack of servers but the company has not commented on these single-player issues yet.

[Source: Rockstar Support | NeoGAF]

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