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How to Sell Cars in GTA V Online in 3 Easy Steps



Grand Theft Auto V indulges that millionaire dream that every person has at one time in their life. Every good villain needs an origin story that shows their rise to power, and what better way to begin your life of crime than by committing grand theft auto? This is one of the easiest ways to begin earning money in GTA online, and while the pay isn’t very high, it’ll earn you enough to land you a few higher-earning enterprises. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to sell cars in GTA to make some quick cash.

How to Sell Cars in GTA Online

Make sure that you only steal cheaper cars as the mechanic won’t buy any high-end cars. You can also sell personal vehicles using this method, including any high-end cars that you bought, but you’ll only receive a portion of the original price back. Now, let’s ride!

Step 1: Find a paint shop

Once you’ve stolen yourself a car and made sure to lose the cops, you’ll need to look for a mechanic; these shops are symbolized by a spray can on the map. You can set a GPS route to one by clicking on the symbol and pressing Enter.

Step 2: Enter paint shop

Once you arrive at the mechanic; he’ll open the door and you can drive in. You’ll see a screen that’ll ask you to either repair the vehicle (because there will probably be damage, this is GTA after all) or to sell it. Go and click on the sell button.

Step 3: Sell car

You’ll then be shown how much the mechanic will give you for the sale and you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to sell it. Go ahead and confirm and you’ll see the money reflect in your Cash bar, make sure to bank it immediately.

Started From the Bottom, Now We’re Here

This remains one of the easiest ways to begin making money in GTA Online and one day, while you’re surveying the view from your penthouse or chilling on your superyacht you’ll look back and remember your beginnings as a humble car thief.

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