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How to Make a Crew on GTA V

Shaun M Jooste


While many Grand Theft Auto games have risen and fallen in popularity over the years, none have reached GTA V’s development scale. Besides the intense campaign mode, GTA Online offers exciting multiplayer action that has had gamers looting, killing, racing down mountains, and committing heists for the last few years. There’s even a GTA V manual for Android!

The time has come for you to take action against the other gangs. You can create a new crew on GTA V to wipe the streets clean from the litter of newbies and professionals alike. So jump in your Cheetah vehicle, and let’s go for a ride.

How many crews can you create for GTA Online?

Rockstar Games lets you become members of up to five gangs at a time, so choose your groups wisely. However, you can only create and lead one crew at a time. In essence, it means you can run one team while being a street soldier for four other gangs. 

Joining the Social Hub

While the Rockstar Games launcher gives you access to the GTA V game, you’ll need to register for a Social Hub account if you want to create a new crew. You’ll be able to customize your crew name, choose your gang type, select tags and mottos, and so much more. 

How to make a crew on GTA V

Now that we’ve hyped you up, let’s show you how to create a crew on GTA V:

  • Open Social Hub and log into your account;
  • Select “Crews” in the top menu;
  • Click on “Create a Crew” on the right of the screen;
  • Type in your crew name, which needs to be unique;
  • Input your crew details as indicated;
  • Click on “Save this Crew.”

Now that you have your crew set up, you can establish the ranks, design the rules, and invite your friends!

Take on the world

Running the streets and beaches can be enjoyable if you have gang members taking on other teams in exciting competitions and events. You’ll earn crew rewards, and you can accept unique challenges. Remember to find your strongest members for the best missions.

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