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How to Install GTA V Mods in 3 Easy Steps



Are you still having tremendous fun in GTA V after all these years? Have you figured out how to create a new crew and take on the virtual world? Well, the excitement has only started, as you can also modify the action shooting game to include items not found in the vanilla version. 

Today, we’re going to look at how to install GTA C mods and introduce new gaming elements that don’t include the cheat mode.

How to install GTA V mods

Before you can get started installing GTA V mods, you need tools and plugins that will let you script the changes you’re looking for. While this process is relatively easy, please make sure you follow it precisely to avoid any problems with launching your game.

Step 1: Install Script Hook V

Script Hool V is a file library that lets developers and gamers create scripts for GTA V’s campaign mode. There’s a Native Trainer and Asi Loader, featuring many cheats not included in the game. 

Follow these steps to install Script Hool V:

  • Download and open the .zip file
  • Copy ScriptHookV.dll to the main folder where your GTA V game is located
  • You’ll need to copy the NativeTrainer.asi and Asi Loader (dsound.dll)  to the same folder.

Step 2: Install the GTA V LUA Plugin

If you want to create custom scripts for GTA V, you’ll need to write it in a language with which it’s familiar. LUA does that for you, making the process much easier.

Heres’s the process for downloading and installing the GTA V LUA Plugin:

  • Download the .zip folder and search for the ‘scripts’ folder, before finding the LUA.asi file
  • Copy these folders and files into the same GTA V folder as before
  • Search for the ‘addins’ folder within the Scripts Folder
  • Copy all the LUA files you download from this point forward.

Step 3: Download and install GTA V mods

You’re all set. From now on, simply download and save the mod files to the same GTA V folder as the plugin and script program above. 

A whole new world 

Your GTA V game will never be the same again. Now that you have mods installed, you can change how your character looks and the weapons of mass destruction.

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