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How to Install and Set Up GTA V Mod Manager in 3 Easy Steps

Shaun M Jooste


GTA, short for Grand Theft Auto, is one of the game franchises that formed the foundation for today’s massive gaming scene. When one looks back to the dawn of gaming, we think of titles such as Warcraft, GTA, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario. These titans have existed since the beginning and have managed to stay at the forefront of the gaming scene for decades.

As with most popular titles, the community immediately jumped into making mods for the game to improve your experience in-game or, in some cases, to have some ridiculous fun. There are mods for almost everything, from UI overhauls to modding your character to look like Harry Potter. While we cannot condone modding the online component of the game, we won’t deny that there is untold fun to be had in modding the story mode, and that’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you how to install and set up GTA V Mod Manager.

How to Install and Set Up GTA V Mod Manager

Let’s jump right into it!

Step 1: Download GTA V Mod Manager

You’ll need to download the install file from the website, follow this link, or Google “GTA V Mod Manager,” and it should be the first result to pop up. Once on the website, click the Download button.

Step 2: Extract files

Once downloaded, you’ll need to extract the zip file (you can use a program like WinRAR for this) and copy the .exe file to your GTA installation folder. We recommend creating a new folder for the Manager as this will be where you paste your mods.

Step 3: Run the GTA V Mod Manager

Once you’ve copied the file, run it. This will open a popup window where you’ll need to select your GTA installation folder, whether it’s a Steam or Rockstar version and where you’d like your Mods to be installed. Once you’ve chosen your desired settings, click Accept, and your Mod Manager will open.

Time For Some Mayhem!

Now you can install whichever mods take your fancy and create some epic moments as you explore Los Santos and cause a little chaos. GTA creates a no-holds-barred setting, but why not take it a step or two further?

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