GTA V player fails driving test and takes the bus

Russell Kidson


Most of us who play GTA V start out the same way; we spend at least 10 minutes trying to be law-abiding citizens before we let all hell break loose on the roads and pedestrians of Los Santos. While for most of us, being a law-abiding citizen means stopping when the traffic light is red and only stopping to pick up a prostitute where it is safe to do so. However, one GTA player has taken the concept of being a law-abiding citizen to the extreme. 


Most of you will know that GTA V has a driving test like GTA San Andreas had once you got to San Fierro. However, neither of the games have any real consequences for not taking – or not passing – these tests. That hasn’t stopped MotorDesigner from instating his own punishment. 

GTA V player fails driving test and takes the bus

The GTA V Driving test is quite standard in terms of driving tests in the continental United States. To pass, you must know all the basics, such as the right method for picking up a prostitute and the procedure to follow if you’re first on the scene of an accident. MotorDesigner didn’t get these parts of the test right and thus failed.

GTA V player fails driving test

According to the laws upheld by the San Andreas DMV, should you fail the test, you’re not even licensed to drive a Faggio, much less the Enus Deities that most players currently have in their many garages. Of course, law enforcement in the game couldn’t be bothered that most players are driving around unlicensed, but apparently, one player does. 

Upon failing their test, MotorDesigner decided that they would not set foot behind the wheel of a vehicle again, and thus headed over to Reddit for ideas about how to get around the city. First, MotorDesigner made heartfelt pleas for lifts around the map from other players. These please fell on deaf ears. Some players did give propose a few solutions, however.

One player suggested trains as the trains in GTA are famously indestructible and thus you’d have ample protection and two free hands for weapons. However, the solution that MotorDesigner appreciated most was to use the bus. 

To the untrained eye, this might be a strange choice to make. However, if you’re familiar with GTA V’s vibrant role-playing community, MotorDesigner simply looks like one of the countless people who have taken to treating GTA V as a life simulator. This is an excellent way, it turns out, to squeeze one last little bit of variation and fun out of the game while waiting for GTA VI to drop.

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