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GTA V How to Register as CEO in 3 Fast Steps

Shaun M Jooste


GTA V is part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Like the other games in the franchise, GTA V offers extensive open-world gameplay with stunning graphics and an appealing storyline. GTA V also offers both online and offline gameplay modes.

One added perk of playing GTA online is that you can register as a VIP and CEO, so you can reap the benefits and power from within the game.

But, do you know how become a CEO in GTA Online?

We’ll show the steps below, so you can hire bodyguards and executive assistants to drive you around. Once you’re a CEO, you can enjoy the added perk of getting access to new vehicles when you buy recently premiered offices or buildings, including boats and even planes.

Steps to Register as a CEO

Step 1: Buy an office

To register as a CEO, you will first need to buy an office.

The cheapest office available for purchase is $1 million and is situated at Maze Bank West. You can buy an office using your in-game phone. Then go to the Dynasty 8 Executive website and spend the cash.

Step 2: Hire staff and customize your office

After buying your office, you will be able to hire staff and customize your office space by adding features such as living quarters, gun lockers etc.

You can even sign on assistants to do small jobs for you, like driving you around. There is also the possibility of getting your online friend to be associates or bodyguards.

Step 3: Register as a CEO

Head to the interaction menu and choose ‘SecuroServ’ and register to be a CEO.

That is the simple process of registering as a CEO.

Registering as a VIP is similar, except that you do not need to buy an office. You just need a balance of at least $50 000 to sign up as a VIP through the interaction menu and by selecting ‘SecuroServ’.

The benefit of being a VIP is that you, too, can also hire your online friends as bodyguards. 

Start your boss life

Now that you are registered as a CEO, you can take full advantage of the power, privilege, and perks in the game. These benefits make GTA V worth playing again and again.

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