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GTA V: How to change character

Softonic Editorial Team


GTA V lets you play three different characters; Franklyn, Trevor, and Michael each have special abilities and you’ll need to switch between one and the other on a regular basis to carry out certain tasks. Let’s see how to master changing characters in GTA V.

How to change characters

Press and hold the Down arrow key and then use the right (R) stick to select Michael (left), Franklin (Up) or Trevor (Right). The lower area will be reserved for your GTA Online avatar. Note that you can also play Chop, Franklin’s dog, by selecting the left sector!

GTA V A high-voltage mission…

The color codes

During GTA V missions, you’ll have to switch between one character and the another very quickly. Fortunately, a system of flashes of color will give you critical information about the status of each character. When a character must be selected, the picture flashes white. A red flashing light indicates that the character has been injured and needs you to help him. Finally, a translucent portrait indicates that the character isn’t available.


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